Witchcamps are residential, week-long programs offered  in various locations around the the world, and offered to people at all levels of experience. Newcomers can learn the basic skills of magic and ritual, working with the elements, movement, sound and the mythological and historical framework of the Goddess Tradition.

AvalonSpring Witchcamp: Future date to be announced. Please go to our website for future information. http://avalonspring.me/

British Reclaiming Summer Gathering: Date to be announced.

DragonRise Camp: Future date to be announced.  For info email: dragonrisecamp@yahoo.co.uk  http://dragonrise.org/


Thomas the Rhymer  Summercamp – past event

Thomas the Rhymer, an initiatory story of Faery

Join us for a week between the worlds as we explore an old (and said to be true) story of the young bard, Thomas the Rhymer. We‚ll sleep next to him beneath the Hawthorne tree and awake to meet the Faery Queen. We will face a choice to take the roads of duality, of right and wrong, of judgment∑or we can take the third road into Faery, moving beyond duality into magic and action. Will you dare to ride into the realms of Faery and accept the gifts and challenges that await you there?  To give you an impression of what a witchcamp is, we´ll give you some information about what to expect during the week .

Facilitators  Willow Kelly, TJ Crow, Shira and Cassandra

Check http://www.sternschnuppe-oldenbuettel.info/ Facebook

European Wintercamp, Gredos Mountains, Spain: www.reclaimingspain.org

Amsterdam Urban Witchcamp, http://www.urbanwitchcamp.woelmuis.nl/

Loreley European Witchcamp, http://www.reclaimingloreley.com/

For listings of all WitchCamps in US and worldwide see: www.witchcamp.org

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