What is the Reclaiming Tradition?

Reclaiming is a tradition of witchcraft that began in the mid 1970s by a group of Pagan feminists in Northern California, and has since spread throughout the USA, Canada and Europe. One of the best-known members who cofounded Reclaiming is Starhawk, author of the foundational work in, The Spiral Dance, and Truth or Dare, Dreaming in the Dark, Twelve Wild Swans, Webs of Power and The Earth Path.

Reclaiming-style witches form a worldwide network of people, who work to unify spirit and politics. Reclaiming encompasses an eclectic mix of pagan approaches and welcomes a diversity of spiritual beliefs.

At the core of Reclaiming is its vision of a community built around non-hierarchical systems, linking politics, magic and community building through consensus. We acknowledge the immanent value of all things and each individual’s connection to mystery, spirit, and the divine. Reclaiming is particularly strong in facilitating and creating public ritual for groups, and healing the connection between people and the Earth.

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